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April 28, 2021 12th master online lecture of Taoxichuan with Assoc.Prof. Pim Sudhikam

Join us next Wed, 20:00 (China Standard Time), April 28, for our 12th master online lecture of Taoxichuan, with the Thai Ceramic Artist, Assistant Professor at Chulalongkorn University, Pim Sudhikam.

The titled of this week's lecture is "Making Breccia." The lecture will be held on Wednesday, April 28, at Taoxichuan International Education Program -- Master Online Lecture.

In the lecture, Pim will introduce her techniques of using the electric kiln with saggers for firing, as well as the creative concepts and ideas that produced this method. She will also share how she observes the surroundings and intervenes elements in her creation, not completely setting limits to explore new possibilities.

The aim of the Taoxichuan online master lecture is to share contemporary ceramic art through this online platform.

Please register Wechat and scan the QR code on the poster.


Poster designed by @hanczhang

@p.sudhikam portrait

Ziaromat-Unfired, 2018, dimensions variable, Stoneware, Hand Built, Unfired

BC-4-20, 2020, photo: winai sattarujawongse

The cutting texture

Novohrad Museum and Gallery, 2018, Slovakia, Lučenec

Breccia-cup, 2018, 6× 7 ⌀ (cm), Porcelain, Slab Built, Saggar Fired, Cone 10

Breccia Cobble, 2019, 9× 48× 150 (cm), Porcelain, Wheel Thrown, Saggar Fired, Cone 10

BC-13-20, 2020, 9× 9× 9 (cm), Porcelain, Wheel Thrown, Saggar Fired, Cone 10


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